Robots in Pool Cleaning

Have you got a pool? You probably enjoy your time there a lot. But how about cleaning? Do you feel that your spend more time cleaning than splashing? Well, here is what: you can enjoy your pool without having to clean it. Have you ever heard of robotic pool cleaners? These gadgets can save you all the nasty pool cleaning jobs and enable you to enjoy your pool rather than scrub its surfaces every now and then.

In recent years, technology has offered pool owners intelligent and effective robotic cleaners intended for in-ground pool systems. Their prices range from $300 to $1000 at online stores and brick-and-mortar shops. If you haven’t had the opportunity to use one, perhaps you will be interested to know more about these machines. Why don’t you have a look at this article? Here we will talk about robotic pool cleaners in general and how they can take the hard work out of pool cleaning.

What Robots Can Do

The robotic pool cleaners have a self-contained vacuum, which enables them to be totally independent. They can work without the need for installation, booster pumps or hoses. They make a number of passes around the pool and deep clean the floor surface and walls. The best part is, they can climb stairs and move across slippery surfaces.

Size up the pool:

how does a robot know where to get started or the dimensions of your pool? Very easy. A special technology is implemented into the robot, which allows it to scan the dimensions of your pool. It will examine the pool surface, detecting dirt, algae, sand and hair as it goes.

Choose the best cycle:

the underwater robotic pool cleaners are very intelligent and they can decide what’s best for your pool. After they size up your pool, they will select the optimum cleaning cycle based on the amounts of dirt.

Remove dirt and debris:

while working around your pool, the robot will remove bacteria and oil build-up, leaves, large and small debris, algae, sand and all the dirt you can’t actually see but you know it’s there. Additionally, it can clean small particles such as pollen and dangerous microorganisms.

Robots that are intended to clean pools are usually small and very flexible. They don’t just pick random directions; they clean following a pattern, navigating obstacles, changing directions and cleaning every section of the pool, both the water and the pool surfaces (walls and floor). Which means once the robot is done, there will be nothing left for you to do, except for go for a swim.

Advantages of Robotic Cleaners

Here are some of the advantages of robotic pool cleaners:

  • Easy to manage: just drop the machine into the pool and press one button to get it started. Let it work. After it’s done, take it out of the pool and drain the water. Most robots have valves that pull the water out of the machine.
  • Compact and portable
  • Responsive cleaning technology
  • While they clean your pool, you can focus on other stuff
  • Save lots of time: a standard pool cleaning can take hours. People build pools so they can enjoy them, not so they constantly take care of them. A robotic pool cleaner can take all the hassle off you and save a great deal of time.
  • Easy to clean: most robots have a basket. Simply lift it out, remove any dirt that the robot has collected during cleaning and you are done.
    The power cord of the robotic pool cleaner is long enough to allow the machine to perform a deep and thorough cleaning
  • Energy-efficient
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Proper Ways to Clean Different Types of Floors

Most people think that they don’t need a professional cleaning company to take care of their flooring at home, because they are absolutely sure they are perfectly capable of doing that all by themselves. In fact, you need to have at least some basic knowledge about the type of flooring you are going to deal with, as well as about their advantages and disadvantages and the specific requirements of the flooring in question.

All of this comes here to prove that floor cleaning is not as easy as most people have initially thought it to be. In addition, regular vacuum cleaning is sufficient when it comes to removing some small particles from the floor, but it is not enough when it comes to deep and thorough cleaning.

All floors, regardless of their type, accumulate dust and small particles, and this is something absolutely normal. That is the reason why you need to take care of the flooring of your home and office properly in case you want to prolong its life and make it look in the best possible way. Of course, the problem becomes even more serious if the flooring is covered by some type of a rug or carpet, because they both have thousands of fibres that are usually hard to clean.

How to clean and take care of different types of flooring

The first thing you need to do when it comes to floor cleaning and maintenance, is the fact that there are two main types of flooring:

  • soft flooring
  • hard flooring

How to clean and take care of soft flooring

Soft floorings, and especially carpets are one of the most used ones not only at home but also in many office buildings, because they are not particularly expensive, they are able to cover a large area, they are placed quickly and relatively easily. These are their greatest advantages, but let’s see what their poor sides are.

Most people point out insanitarity as the greatest disadvantage of this type of flooring. Carpets and rugs usually gather a lot of dust and house dust mites, which are usually hard to remove. This type of dust is pretty dangerous, especially for children and people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Daily soft floor cleaning is mandatory in these cases, as well as in some offices, which floor is covered by carpets. You need to bear in mind the fact that dirt, grime and dust are gathered pretty easily on these type of flooring and that is why you need to maintain it properly and regularly. Do not forget to vacuum clean the soft flooring every day in order to remove most dust and small particles. This will not allow dirt and dust accumulations penetrate deeply into the fabrics and damage the rugs and carpets you have used in any way. Of course, a good idea is also booking a professional sparkling carpet cleaning company that will take care your soft flooring maintenance thanks to some special procedures that you are not able to do yourself.

How to clean and take care of hard flooring

Hard floorings include different types of floors, but the most popular ones are PVC and parquet wooden flooring, and stone and marble flooring. Of course, every one of them has its strengths and weaknesses, but they are usually preferred because of the fact that they are relatively easier to clean.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that such floors may be cleaned with pure water only every once in a while. The truth is that every type of hard flooring is different and needs special attention if you want to make it look as good as new. Always check the instructions on the detergents’ packages and look at the ingredients. It is essential to choose the right type of cleaning product for every type of hard flooring.

In addition, do not forget not to use any hard brushes or abrasive detergents, because they can ruin or seriously damage the smooth and shiny surface of your flooring. Remember always to wipe the floor first in order to remove the dust accumulations and small particles and use the detergents you have chosen afterwards.

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How to make a good clean of your carpet

Cleaning your carpets could be quite a difficult task to complete. Not only because a long time might have passed since the last time you had it cleaned, but also because there could be stains, or dirt, which sometimes can look frightening and impossible to be removed. But, you should know that when you are determined to do something, there’s nothing that you can’t do. All you need is positive attitude, some time, detergents, brush, water and that’s it. You’re ready to start!

First, try to move as many furnitures as possible, so a bigger area from the carpet can be cleaned. For example, if you’re to clean the carpet in the living room, you can move the table, the sofa, the armchairs and the footstools to the bedroom, or the hallway. Thus, you will have bigger space. Then, hover the carpet. This will make the cleaning afterwards easier, for sure. Any small bits of dirt will be removed this way and won’t get stuck in the brush when you clean the carpet with it later.

When you’re done with the vacuuming, have a look at the carpet and inspect for any stains. If you notice such, you should treat them with a detergent (you can buy one for stains on fabrics, they’re not that expensive at all). After that, fill the bucket with water and pour some liquid soap in it. Then, using a brush you can clean the carpet. Rub the brush really well, so the dirt and dust and be removed. When you have cleaned the whole carpet, throw away the dirty water and fill the bucket again, but only with water (don’t add any soap). Then brush the carpet again using just the water, or take a piece of cloth, wet it and clean the carpet again, so you can remove the soap and bubbles. You can call carpet cleaners London for help.

When you’re done with all this, open all the windows and doors, so the carpet can dry more quickly.

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Making a deep “clean” of your personal stuff

We always wonder why our home sometimes looks like a total mess. It is not always a matter of cleanliness, but rather of having everything placed in order with no flying objects, or objects that are not in their places, like, for instance, dirty plates on the dining table, laundry on the chairs, popcorn spilled on the floor, etc.

Managing the chaos includes not only dusting and mopping, but getting things in order and putting them on places you will later remember and won’t wonder where to find your glasses, or the remote controller (i.e. it shouldn’t be under the pillow, or on the floor). Or, if you enjoy having some mess, you can leave it only in the rooms where no one would enter in case you have unexpected guests.

When you will be doing such type of cleaning, it is hard to make a plan (especially if it’s messier than usual), even if you have the good will. So, just start from whichever room you choose. The most important thing is to work swiftly, as it is not such a difficult job to do. Also, when trying to restore the order in your home, don’t do it only for the things that can be seen. Open the drawers and make a quick inspection there as well and throw away the things you won’t be needing. You definitely have such. If you need end of tenancy cleaning in Hampstead give us a call.

And only after you get rid of all unnecessary stuff and you put the other items on their correct place, then your home is ready for an actual clean and refreshing. And it is also good to keep your windows open for at least 15 minutes every day for better air circulation.

Sometimes too much order is boring, but it’s always good to enter a neat and tidy place. And it will make good impression on your friends and anyone else you decide to invite.


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How to remove the old wallpapers

Removing the old wallpapers is an easy task which is usually the first phase of most builders works that we have in our homes. Regardless of whether you’re planning on painting the walls after that, or just putting up new wallpaper, it is a must to take off the old one.

Before staring with the tips, it is important to say that removing wallpaper is a job each of us can do, so it really is pointless to hire someone to do it. All you need is just to have some tools, good will and to know how to do it in the right way.



Free the room from all furnitures – either gather them in the middle of the room, or move them to another room. If you have paintings or anything else hanging on your walls, take them off, too. Cover the floor near the walls with nylon or papers. The purpose is to keep it dry and clean as you’re going to use some water when removing the wallpapers.

Try experimenting first

First try to pull down the wallpaper without the usage of water or detergents. If you’re lucky, this could happen. But if the wallpaper gets torn into small pieces, or just the upper layer can be taken off, then try spraying it with water. If the water gets absorbed and the wallpaper looks soaked, this is ok. But, if the water doesn’t get absorbed, then you should scratch the wallpaper. Scratching it will save you a hell of a time. Use a paper knife to do that, but don’t put much pressure, because you might damage the wall.

Find a solution that will work
You can call end of tenancy cleaners Wimbledon for help.
First try by spraying with water only. In many cases, this works as most of the glues are water based. Then wet some small area with warm water. Wait for about 5 minutes and try to peel it off using spatula. If the wallpaper gets torn into small pieces again, try to find another solution. For example, soaking the wallpaper with warm water and fabric softener, or warm water and vinegar, or, if these don’t work, buy a wallpaper removal detergent.

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