How to remove the old wallpapers

Removing the old wallpapers is an easy task which is usually the first phase of most builders works that we have in our homes. Regardless of whether you’re planning on painting the walls after that, or just putting up new wallpaper, it is a must to take off the old one.

Before staring with the tips, it is important to say that removing wallpaper is a job each of us can do, so it really is pointless to hire someone to do it. All you need is just to have some tools, good will and to know how to do it in the right way.



Free the room from all furnitures – either gather them in the middle of the room, or move them to another room. If you have paintings or anything else hanging on your walls, take them off, too. Cover the floor near the walls with nylon or papers. The purpose is to keep it dry and clean as you’re going to use some water when removing the wallpapers.

Try experimenting first

First try to pull down the wallpaper without the usage of water or detergents. If you’re lucky, this could happen. But if the wallpaper gets torn into small pieces, or just the upper layer can be taken off, then try spraying it with water. If the water gets absorbed and the wallpaper looks soaked, this is ok. But, if the water doesn’t get absorbed, then you should scratch the wallpaper. Scratching it will save you a hell of a time. Use a paper knife to do that, but don’t put much pressure, because you might damage the wall.

Find a solution that will work
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First try by spraying with water only. In many cases, this works as most of the glues are water based. Then wet some small area with warm water. Wait for about 5 minutes and try to peel it off using spatula. If the wallpaper gets torn into small pieces again, try to find another solution. For example, soaking the wallpaper with warm water and fabric softener, or warm water and vinegar, or, if these don’t work, buy a wallpaper removal detergent.