Making a deep “clean” of your personal stuff

We always wonder why our home sometimes looks like a total mess. It is not always a matter of cleanliness, but rather of having everything placed in order with no flying objects, or objects that are not in their places, like, for instance, dirty plates on the dining table, laundry on the chairs, popcorn spilled on the floor, etc.

Managing the chaos includes not only dusting and mopping, but getting things in order and putting them on places you will later remember and won’t wonder where to find your glasses, or the remote controller (i.e. it shouldn’t be under the pillow, or on the floor). Or, if you enjoy having some mess, you can leave it only in the rooms where no one would enter in case you have unexpected guests.

When you will be doing such type of cleaning, it is hard to make a plan (especially if it’s messier than usual), even if you have the good will. So, just start from whichever room you choose. The most important thing is to work swiftly, as it is not such a difficult job to do. Also, when trying to restore the order in your home, don’t do it only for the things that can be seen. Open the drawers and make a quick inspection there as well and throw away the things you won’t be needing. You definitely have such. If you need end of tenancy cleaning in Hampstead give us a call.

And only after you get rid of all unnecessary stuff and you put the other items on their correct place, then your home is ready for an actual clean and refreshing. And it is also good to keep your windows open for at least 15 minutes every day for better air circulation.

Sometimes too much order is boring, but it’s always good to enter a neat and tidy place. And it will make good impression on your friends and anyone else you decide to invite.