Natural aromatizers for your home – Part 2

As a continuance to the previous topic, it is important to know how good it is to use natural aromatizers instead of the products that we find in the supermarkets.


– after you use the microwave, there’s usually a slightly unpleasant smell, especially in the kitchen. Prepare a mixture of 2 spoonfuls of lemon juice and 2 glasses of water, and wash the walls of the microwave from the inside.

– your fridge will always smell nice, if you put small cotton balls wet with vanilla in the corners of the fridge.

– you can also prepare some home-made natural aromatizers for the living room, the bedroom and the dining room. Just take one orange or a lemon, make small holes in it and place a sprig of thyme, lavender, or clove. When prepared, put the home-made aromatizer in a small paper bag, sprinkle it with rice powder and keep it in a warm and dark place for about 3 weeks before you use it.

Another option is to have a walk in the woods and gather cones, small pine branches, leaves, etc. Choose one bigger wood branch and use it as a basis. Using a glue, all of your newly gathered “treasures” and some fantasy you can make the most pleasantly looking and interesting aromatizer. It will definitely bring pleasure to your senses as it will not only be nice to smell, but also to look at it.

Or, alternatively, you can use the traditional herbal bags or the personally made bouquet of herbs that you have left to dry in the room. The best choice of herbs is thyme, lavender, mint, marjoram, etc. But you have to gather the herbs during the summer. So, have it mind.

Simply, have a thought about which scents you like the most – cinnamon, citrus, pine, – and then just with the help of some creativity you may come up with some really nice ideas.