Natural aromatizers for your home – Part 2

As a continuance to the previous topic, it is important to know how good it is to use natural aromatizers instead of the products that we find in the supermarkets.


– after you use the microwave, there’s usually a slightly unpleasant smell, especially in the kitchen. Prepare a mixture of 2 spoonfuls of lemon juice and 2 glasses of water, and wash the walls of the microwave from the inside.

– your fridge will always smell nice, if you put small cotton balls wet with vanilla in the corners of the fridge.

– you can also prepare some home-made natural aromatizers for the living room, the bedroom and the dining room. Just take one orange or a lemon, make small holes in it and place a sprig of thyme, lavender, or clove. When prepared, put the home-made aromatizer in a small paper bag, sprinkle it with rice powder and keep it in a warm and dark place for about 3 weeks before you use it.

Another option is to have a walk in the woods and gather cones, small pine branches, leaves, etc. Choose one bigger wood branch and use it as a basis. Using a glue, all of your newly gathered “treasures” and some fantasy you can make the most pleasantly looking and interesting aromatizer. It will definitely bring pleasure to your senses as it will not only be nice to smell, but also to look at it.

Or, alternatively, you can use the traditional herbal bags or the personally made bouquet of herbs that you have left to dry in the room. The best choice of herbs is thyme, lavender, mint, marjoram, etc. But you have to gather the herbs during the summer. So, have it mind.

Simply, have a thought about which scents you like the most – cinnamon, citrus, pine, – and then just with the help of some creativity you may come up with some really nice ideas.

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Natural aromatizers for your home – Part 1

During the cold winter days it is quite rare that it happens fresh air to enter our homes as any opening of the windows can turn the rooms into a small Antarctic island. Usually this is the main motive that people use when they decide to buy different aromatizers for the rooms, the fridge, the wardrobes, etc. We all want to have the air filled with calming and fresh scents, instead of having to breathe the smoke of cigarettes, or the dust, or the smells that come from the kitchen after cooking for millions of hours. But have you thought about what all these aromarizers contain? According to some research, they are quite unhealthy as instead of clearing the air in your home, they just get mixed with the other smells and can only “hide” them for a while.

The natural aromatizers that you can prepare by yourself at home is the best you can do for your health and for your budget. Here are a few ideas you might like:

– you can get rid of the cigarette smoke, if you place small bowls filled with vinegar in different parts of your house;

– your kitchen can be a real problem, too, especially during the winter. Sometimes the kitchen hood is not enough and there’s still smell of food left. What you can do is to put in a small pot some cinnamon, 3 spoonfuls of vinegar and 1 glass of water. Place the pot on a warm (not hot) turned off hot plate. The scent will soon spread around your home and it will be really fresh and pleasant.

– if your oven smells of chemicals after you have cleaned it, put some orange peels and turn on the oven to 300 degrees for about 15 minutes. You can do the same with a lemon. It will have similar effect. After you’re done with the “baking”, you can leave the door of the oven slightly open.

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How to protect your home from moths

Moths are really irritating and they can invade your winter clothes, because they prefer all natural fibres, especially wool. It has been proven that they like silk and flax as well. Moths eat all kinds of natural fibres, and sometimes they eat synthetic fabrics, too.

That’s why I always think that it’s better to do something to protect your clothes before it’s too late and you have to deal with hundreds of moths. And the 3 main things you need to do are:


Always clean

Moths are attracted to dirt, stains and the smell of sweat. You could have worn one dress just once, or you might have never put it on and it might have been hanging in your wardrobe forever – regardless of this, you should wash that dress together will the other clothes. It’s also good to put the clothes after you wash them in the dryer for 10 minutes under high temperature. Thus, even if your wardrobe is already inhabited by those insects, you will surely kill the larvae and their eggs. If you don’t have a dryer, just hang the clothes under the warm sun and leave them till the evening. The result will be the same. In case your clothes are already infested with moths, ironing will kill the larvae and the eggs.

Don’t forget to vacuum the wardrobe before returning the clothes inside. Moths don’t like the cleanliness and the lack of dust.



When you wash the clothes and they dry, put them in ziploc bags, hanging garment bags, or in boxes, so the moths won’t be able to get inside.


Use detergents against moths

Naphthalene is most commonly used. Place a few moth balls among the clothes. You can also prepare a home made detergent against moths with natural ingredients only, because naphthalene could be harmful for your health. What you could do is to make some small bags filled with herbs and spices – rosemary, mint, thyme, cloves, pepper, lemon. Place the bags in the wardrobes and you will soon notice that the moths have disappeared.

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Tips for your laundry

Always keep your dirty laundry in a cool and dry place – in wicker baskets or in fabric bags, but don’t store them in your bedroom. They should be protected from moisture, because they will get stained with mold which is quite difficult to clean and, the worse thing is that your clothes get torn on the stained places.

An important rule when doing your laundry is to sort your clothes. The white ones should be washed separately from the others. Or, clothes that are dirtier than usual, they must be also washed separately from the others.

If you have stains on the clothes, you should first remove the stains and then you can put the clothes in the washing machine together with the rest. After you wash the white clothes, you can soak them in bleach for a while. And of the rest of the clothes, after you wash them, you can soak them in salty water, so they won’t lose from their colours.

When washing your curtains, first wet them with cold water several times, then you can hand-wash them in hot soap water and change the water 2-3 times. At the end wash the curtains again with cold water.

It’s good to know that hot water damages woollen clothes. You don’t have to soak the clothes in water in advance. When washing them, don’t rub the wool the way you do with the other clothes. The same applies to clothes made from natural or artificial silk.

For clothes made from synthetic material you should not use hot water, or hot iron. They should be washed in soap water with a maximum temperature of 25-30 degrees.

If you have chewing gum on one of your dresses, you just need to take one ice cube and press it on the gum until the latter hardens. After that carefully remove the gum from the dress and wet the spotted area with some spirit. After that wash the dress.

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5 mistakes you make when doing a tidy up

Have you ever thought why, after all your efforts, your home is still a complete mess, and chaos is surrounding you?

1. Acting before thinking – Maybe you’ve noticed that when you decide to put order in your wardrobe, you just start doing something without actually considering more practical ways of using the space you have. The best way to deal with that is to put the things you use most frequently on places that are easily accessible.

2. You still keep stuff that are of no use – If you regularly clean your home, you will be able to get rid of the whole mess, but, the thing is that you  can’t always have enough time. For that reason, what is important is to learn how to prevent the chaos. Don’t buy clothes or shoes, you’re not about to wear at all. And don’t buy magazines that you won’t even open to read. Just put control on everything that enters your home.

3. You do impulse purchases – Ever since the hypermarkets entered our lives, you can see that people tend to buy things they don’t actually need. The solution: always make a list of the things that you need to buy before you start shopping.

4. You leave the cleaning always for the weekends – It is never enough to have the things placed in order. There is always something more to do – dusting, mopping, etc. But if you split the tasks and do some of them during the week, this will spare you a lot of time on the weekends and you won’t have to spend the Saturdays and Sundays “working”.

5. You allow your kids to create the mess – Have you had the situation when you put order in your closet and then everything goes upside down? Make rules and ask everyone in your family to follow them. This will make it easier to keep the order and peace in the house.

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