Professional Cleaning London

professional cleaningCleaning problems are rife. So are cleaning solutions. Whatever your cleaning problem, we offer to tackle it in a timely and professional fashion. When we are done cleaning your property, you will stand before the spitting image of immaculate cleanliness. We achieve these results through eclectic approaches and mainstream techniques. We strive for perfection and a service of unmatched quality.

In our practice, we have had to clean houses and apartments as well as warehouses where food chains store their perishables, and office buildings with hundreds, and even thousands, of people going in and out on daily basis. We have successfully translated this experience in the different subareas of cleaning. Thus, we manage to combine business rigour and determination to achieve quick bottom-line results with a personal and warm approach with the client. Commercial cleaning has taught us how to be responsible and work to strict deadlines – the sole factor in order to deliver a service of stellar quality, but cleaning people’s homes and maintaining close ties with our clients has made us popular and sought-after.

Professional CleanersPrices
Regular Cleaning£16 £14
One Off Cleaning£18 £16
Deep Cleaning£20 £18
After Builders Cleaning£20 £18
Gutter Cleaning Missingstarting from £55

Q: Could you tell me how long does the End of Tenancy take?

A: The Professional End of Tenancy service is not an hourly-based one and our team of cleaners stay for as long as it is needed until they finish their job professionally and to a high standard.

Q: As I will not be at the property how can the cleaners get the key for my End of Tenancy cleaning?

A: We would like to advise that many of our clients who have not been able themselves to let the cleaners in have left their keys in their state agency. Our cleaners can pick them up from there and go back to return them after the End of Tenancy Cleaning service.

Q: Are your cleaners available during weekends?

A: Yes, we have cleaning teams working on Saturdays and Sundays. They are available from 9 am in the morning and from 2 pm in the afternoon.

This customer-provider tie is achieved by way of honoring the client’s opinion, taking into consideration their input and readily admitting any wrongdoing on the behalf of the company. It is an approach that inspires trust and has won us a reputation for reliability.

The services we offer vary, but they are basically what you might need at any given moment at home, work or elsewhere. However, we are going to stress on our domestic cleaning services. As for a comprehensive list of our commercial cleaning service, we suggest that you contact our professional customer support who will answer any of your queries with due diligence.

We also cover

The most commonly booked service is house cleaning. It means to hire an experienced domestic aide to help you tackle the mess at home. Even better, you can entrust the cleanliness of your home completely on your maid. She will make the load of household chores disappear under her skillful hands. Your domestic aide delivers you from tedious chores such as doing the dishes and laundry, cleaning and mopping. Plus, she will sanitize your bathroom, kitchen and help you achieve neatness at home.

Every equipment and agent we use is environmentally friendly. They are delivered by suppliers who just as us, put great stress on your health and observe the latest health standards and regulations.