Privacy Terms

Information we gather

Information is collected the moment a user places an order.

Every customer, upon registering or placing an order on this website, may have to provide e-mail address, name or phone number. Yet they can still be anonymous on the site if they want to.

Ways to protect user’s personal details

There are a number of security measures that we implement in order to keep your information safe and secure when you order on the site.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies. These are small files which are transferred to visitors’ computers from our site through their browsers, only if visitors allow them. Cookies help the systems of service providers and sites to collect and remember certain information and to recognise users’ web browsers.

The reason why we use cookies is to monitor advertisements.

Our site and third parties

Your personal details are in no way traded, sold or transferred otherwise to outside parties. Third parties who help us conduct the business, operate the website and serve our users are not included as long as they refuse to share this personally identifiable information with other parties. Your information may be released in cases when we need to protect ours and other people’s safety, property and rights; to implement our policies or to comply with the law. Information that is non-personally identifiable may be shared with third parties for uses of different matter such as marketing and advertising.

Online policy

Our privacy is valid only for information which has been gathered online through this site. Information gathered offline does not apply here.

Users’ consent

Visitors of the website consent to this policy.

Changes to this policy

Any changes that occur with this current privacy policy will be included here.