Rug Cleaning London

There are numerous types of rugs all around. They may vary depending on the material or their origin. Rugs may be Afghan, Armenian, Chinese, Indian, Persian, shaggy, wool, sea-grass, silk and etc. But no matter what kind of a rug exactly you do own, one must always be aware that a proper care is required. When well kept and maintained, your beloved rugs can be an irreplaceable part of the interior in your home.

As beautiful as they are, rugs may turn into a hostile environment for millions of mites and bacteria, which are a common cause for numerous diseases such as asthma, eczema, hay fever, itchy eyes and running nose. Just a proper hovering every now and then can be extremely sufficient for removing the surface dirts, such as hairs and dust form the rug.

However in order the cleaning to be applied in the depth of every fibre, more professional care is required. The complete and successful removal of stains, dirt, grime and allergens, can be most sufficiently achieved with the power of the Hot Water Extraction.

This modern cleaning technique is the most efficient currently on the market, if you would require your beloved rug to be visually pleasing, properly washed, sanitized and deodorised and its life to be pro-longed. The Hot Water extraction is also widely known as Professional Steam Cleaning. The cleaning procedure involves at first proper and deep hovering of the rug, in order the general dirt to be removed.

Afterwards, depending on the specifics of the rug, our professional technician will apply mild and effective, eco-friendly detergents to the most problematic highly traffic areas, stains and dirty patches. Furthermore, with the help of a professional equipment hot water under high pressure will be sprayed all along the rug. Thanks to this cleaning procedure a precise deep cleaning will be applied and the fresh and pleasant appearance of your rug will be restored.

If you leave the Professional Cleaning of your rug in the hands of our technicians, you will be amazed by the final result that will be achieved. Our technicians are all well trained, always dealing with positive attitude and special attention towards every rug they are washing. They will be able not only to cover the grooming of your beloved rug, but also to provide you with personal consultation how it should be kept and treated in order the best possible results to be achieved and to be prolonged.

We are available 7 days a week, and we cover all areas of London, including some of the remotest postcodes. You will be able to get the required service arranged at some of the most competitive rates all around!

In order to get a professional advice regarding the proper maintenance of your beautiful rug, or to make an arrangement to meet one of our well trained technicians, just feel free to give us a call or to fill in the on-line form available on the web page.