Terms and Conditions


When we calculate the price of the service over the phone, we use the standard size of a room. However, our company reserves the right to make changes if necessary. Such situation may occur if the customer changes their requirements and demands, or if the company decides that the price of the cleaning should be estimated differently.

Guaranteed Services

The end of tenancy cleaning is the only guaranteed service we offer. It comes with a 48-hour guarantee which means that if the customer is not fully satisfied with the cleaning provided or the final result does not meet the landlord’s requirements, we will send a team of cleaners to do a re-clean without charging you additionally.


The payment must be done right after the cleaning job is completed unless a written agreement between the Customer and the Company is made in advance stating otherwise. The Customer has to pay the cleaners in cash before leaving the property.
If the Customer and the Company have agreed on making cashless payment, it has to be done no later than one day before the cleaning appointment. The Company reserves the right to cancel the appointment if the bank transfer or card information is not received in advance.


In case the Customer demands for a cancellation, a notice has to be given no later than a day before the appointment. In such case, there are no cancellation fees. If the Customer does not contact us in advance to inform us about the cancellation, we charge a fee equivalent to the full amount of the service.
The Company still reserves the right to refuse to clean the property if it poses any health risks to our employees. In the event of any unexpected circumstances or accidents, we also reserve the right to cancel the appointment.


Once the cleaning of the property is completed, no refunds can be expected. If the Customer is not satisfied with the service, a written notice has to be sent to the Company no later than 24 hours after the completion of the job. In case there are any complaints about the implementation of the cleaning, an investigation process will be carried out. When the Company assesses the situation, the Customer may be compensated.
The Customer must not arrange any third parties to do a re-clean before our authorities inspect the property.
Our employees always work carefully and with attention to the smallest detail to prevent accidents or damages. However, accidents happen. In case of such, our company replaces the item if possible. Anyway, we advise customers to put away their possesions before the cleaning appointment starts.
If the Customer lays a claim to a re-clean, our cleaners need to have access to the property within 24 hours after the claim. Our company does not take any responsibility for damages, stains or burns occurred before or after the appointment.
Our cleaners always do everything in their power to deliver a satisfying cleaning session. However, sometimes heavily stained areas cannot be cleaned to perfection.
We require the Customer to defrost the freezers prior to the cleaning appointment, otherwise the cleaning cannot be properly done.
Our gardening service does not include waste collection.
When it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning, a more satisfying result will be reached if the property is empty.


Our cleaners must have access to running water and electricity in the property they are about to clean. If not provided, there is a non-refundable fee of £60.
Access to the property must be provided by the Customer. If the Customer provides the keys, they have to lock and unlock all of the doors in the property. If not, there is a non-refundable fee of £60.

Regular Cleaning Service

The Customer can choose to pay in cash upon completion of the service, by bank transfer at the beginning of each month or by Direct Debit.
The cleaning equipment is NOT included in the regular house cleaning service. The Customer must provide the cleaning supplies.
All regular cleaning sessions are delivered at the same time and day every week.
The regular cleaning service can be booked for a minimum time duration of 2 hours depending on the exact size and condition of the property on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

All of the cleaning supplies are provided by the Company.
The price includes all taxes. There are not any additional charges.
The service comes with a 48-hour guarantee.

Minimum Charges

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – minimum of £45.
One-off Cleaning – minimum of £42 (3 hours)
Gardening – £45

Discounts can be made only for services priced above the minimum. Also, discounts do not apply for hourly based services.
Once the cleaning is completed, no refund claims are accepted.


By using our services you agree to receive our promotional offers via mail or phone.