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    Best Cleaners London

    Best Cleaners London We started Best Cleaners London back in 2005. Wishing to improve living and working environment for residents in all areas of London, we aim to please our customers with high-quality services and make sure all their needs and requests are fulfilled.
    Our priority is to maintain quality and customer satisfaction which is why we do hire and train only the best people for this job. Well-trained professionals with background checks done will help you achieve the quality and cleanliness you wish to see around you but don’t really have the time to take care of.

    We provide a wide range of services such as domestic and Commercial Cleaning, Gardening Services, Carpet and Rug Cleaning as well as Deep and End of Tenancy Cleaning. We aim to please our customers with exceptional results every time, using only high-quality products and equipment. Anything you want to have done without compromising your personal time? Give us a call right away! Our professional staff will talk to you personally which will help us to get to know your needs better and make you another happy customer of ours.

    No doubt, we will bring the high standard right back to your home or office, letting you enjoy a clean and fresh environment. We aim to improve and grow in every aspect we can so for the past years we have managed to build a strong foundation, work ethics and a number of pleased customers that helped us grow. Our main focus falls on our clients needs and helping them achieve their dream projects. We do love to satisfy the people we work with, customers and employees. We do have a policy of being honest, friendly and managing to help our clients any way we can. Creating a clean, beautiful atmosphere around them makes us happy and satisfied with the job we have done.

    Some of the services we offer in London

    End of Tenancy Cleaning

    The hassle of moving out is big enough, including so many things to be done and taken care of. If you are a tenant and have just decided to move somewhere else, you would like to leave your landlord satisfied and receive your initial deposit back. Many owners now require professional cleaning of their properties after moving out. We can do just that! A thorough clean, making the place look fresh and new. A guarantee for both you and your landlord, given by us.

    Carpet Cleaning

    A carpet gives a big impression in ones room. Whether its in your living room or your working space, a stained or dirty carpet is never a good look. We make sure we make them look like new again. Giving them back their colour and fresh look, there is no stain that we would not be able to remove from your space.

    Deep Cleaning

    This is a very thorough clean which covers all areas and surfaces of your space. This includes all objects and hidden spaces being cleaned and disinfected to the smallest detail. It is recommended that you give your home or working space a good deep clean at least annually. We assure you that every square inch of your property will be perfectly clean.

    House Cleaning

    More free time for you and your family. In the hectic life we lead nowadays this really sounds like a dream. Are you busy all the time with going to work, taking care of the family and the household duties? Would you prefer to have more free time for yourself? Then why spend it trying to put your house in order? Everybody likes to come home to a nice clean house, enjoying their evening in a cosy atmosphere. However, not everyone has the time to take care of their house like that.


    Everybody loves a good garden. Spending time outside with family and friends, having a barbecue or just enjoying the nice view of your neat little green paradise. Not everyone likes the work in the garden though, not everyone has time time to do it as well. Leave it to us! Tell us what you wish to be done and we will make it come true in no time. Our professional gardeners would love to make your garden look fresh and give you a few tips and tricks on how to keep it that way.

    Regular Domestic Cleaning

    After a long day of work we just want to come back to a nice cozy, clean house. That is not always the case though. Having children or pets makes it even harder to keep up with all the house chores. We are the solution to this problem! Our professional cleaners will come to your home and make sure there is nothing left unclean after they leave. Using the best quality products, we will give your home a full make-over. You can also have this scheduled regularly so your home stays nice and clean for you to enjoy.

    Office and Commercial Cleaning

    Having a clean working space is as important as having a clean home, if not more. Spending long hours in the office is much more pleasurable when you are in a clean fresh environment. It is especially important now that we keep our shared working spaces clean and disinfected. Our company is specialized in that area. We have many regular customer that are happy with the services we provide. Let us make sure you are feeling good and safe while working, sitting in a clean, beautiful office.

    Our regular cleaning service includes washing and ironing as a part of domestic cleaning tasks, so we make sure you will not be extra charged for these. You can book our services with a single phone call. All we need is a 24-hour notice. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions, we will make sure to provide you with all the information you may need.

    A trained and fully vetted team of Professional Cleaners is waiting for your call to provide you with friendly and helpful service. We make it our job to make your life easier. Handle domestic cleaning wisely, contact us at….. and feel free to schedule some free time for yourself, leaving the rest to us! Housework can be as easy as that! Feel the difference, make a call!

    About Our Company

    All the professionals working in all our areas are fully vetted and ready to complete any project for you. We are committed to your personal requests. You can hire us seven days a week, even on holidays. In case of any questions you might have give us a call. A representative from our team will be more than happy to talk to you, give out advice, help you book whatever service it is you may need. Accommodating our way of working around your personal needs is a must for us. We take care of each request in a personal way with great attention to detail.

    Gaining all the experience that we have, gave us to opportunity to know how to approach our customers in the right way and how to provide impeccable results in the best way possible with a lot of attention to detail. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with anything, we have trustworthy professionals in all the following areas:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do I have to provide any tools or products?
    2. No, all our services have equipment and products included in the price. Whenever you book your service and give some information about the task in hand, the cleaners will come prepared with everything needed for the job.
    3. What supplies do you provide?
    4. We only work with high-end, professional equipment. All tools we use for cleaning are the latest on the market. All of the products we use are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are 100% safe for pets and children and contain no harsh chemicals.
    5. What Carpet Cleaning methods do you use?
    6. We use Steam cleaning and Dry cleaning. In most cases steam cleaning is appropriate, it is extremely efficient for stain removal and deep sanitisation. If the carpet/rug that you have is of more delicate nature we use Dry cleaning, since it is gentler to fabrics. To learn more about this service go to Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning on our website.
    7. How do I make a booking?
    8. You can book us by filling the form on our website or by sending us an email. If you choose either of those, please make sure to include details about your particular situation. Most often, however, customers prefer to call our office ( customer service is available 7 days a week). The office agents will ask you questions and help you with your booking.
    9. Can I make a same day/last minute booking?
    10. Yes! Call our office immediately and our agents will make sure to organise a team for you. If all our teams are busy at that exact moment, we will send one as soon as they finish with the job they have been performing.
    11. Can I leave keys with my cleaner?
    12. Yes, it is a common practice for customers of ours that use the regular domestic cleaning service. If you wish the service to be performed while you are at work, feel free to provide your cleaner with a spare set of keys.
    13. Can you clean in chaos ( I have pets/children)?
    14. It is usually not an issue, however, it depends on the cleaner that works with you. Feel free to discuss this with them. Whenever booking a regular service with the same cleaner coming to your place, we will make sure to pick one that has no trouble with working in such an environment.
    15. How long does it take for my carpet/upholstery to dry after steam cleaning?
    16. It depends on the materials of the carpet/upholstery. While synthetic materials like nylon or polyester dry faster, wool will take much longer. Usually anywhere between 2-8 hours. We extract most of the moisture after treating your carpets or upholstery so the drying process is optimized.
    17. How do I add or remove tasks from my task list?
    18. Whenever booking a service, tell your booking agent what you would like to add or remove. You may also come up with a fully personalised list that our cleaners will follow. Whenever using a regular cleaning service you may speak directly to your cleaner about any changes you would like to make.