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Time, more free time for you and your family. In the nowadays hectic life this really sounds like a dream. Are you busy all the time – going to work, taking care of the family and the household duties? Would you prefer to have more free time for you and for your children? Then why spend it trying to put your house in order?

Aren’t all the other duties enough, why bother with the cleaning of your house when you can be out enjoying your free time? We are a cleaning company in London that can help you fulfill your dream. We can be there for you when you most need us. We offer professional house cleaning services that can save you time and effort.

Our company has been on the market for almost a decade and all the while we have been there for our customers when they need us most. We provide the Professional House cleaning services with a high standard and quality. Our professional cleaners will make your property neat and tidy. They will make it shiny and spotless and comfortable for you. They have been our employees from the founding of the company. They are trustworthy and reliable.

House CleaningPrices
Regular Cleaning£13 £12
One Off Cleaning£14 £13
Deep Cleaning£20 £18

Q: Can I have a cleaning lady once fortnightly?

A: The Regular Cleaning Services can be organised on both regular and fortnightly bases depending only on the personal preferences of the client. What's more, no matter whether you choose weekly or fortnightly bases, we can provide the same cleaning lady for each session.

Q: I would like to know if the cleaning lady can put the clothes out on the clothing line. The clothes will be ready every time for her to take them out of the washing machine.

A: Yes, she can definitely take the clothes and put the on the clothing line. Please be advised that the time for her to do this chore will be considered part of her cleaning time.

Q: Can the cleaning lady use my detergents because my pet is very sensitive to most of the cleaning materials?

A: You can definitely provide the cleaners with your detergents and equipment. We prefer this method in most of the cases because for us what matters most are the individual preferences of the clients.

Q: Can the cleaning lady do only the hoovering, dusting and ironing? I do not want her to change the linen or do my ironing.

A: The Cleaning lady always follows the list of tasks that you have provided her with. Ironing, changing linen and emptying bins are additional tasks that she will be happy to accomplish if you give her green light.

You can leave your property in their professional hands and forget all your worries and concerns regarding the cleanliness of your house. They will come fully equipped and prepared for the tasks you have for them. Our professional cleaners are crime bureau checked and have full insurance so you can just enjoy your peaceful and happy time off from the boring duties.

We also cover:

Do not worry about the detergents and equipment as well. If that will be more suitable for you, we can provide them at your request. All of our detergents are top brand products. Their consistence is anti-allergic and there is no danger either for your health or for you feeling comfortable after their usage. On the contrary, you will feel only the smell of your cleaned and polished home.

So go on and just give us the chance to get you rid off the boring duties and efforts in relation to the cleaning of your property. We will be there for you 7 days a week with no exceptions when you need us most. Enjoy and leave us be there for you. And of course if you need us more than once we will be more then happy to have you as a regular customer, because our customers become our friends!

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