Terms and Conditions


When we calculate the price for the procedures via phone, we use the average room sizes. The Company, however, can change the initial price in case of an inspection of the property or the Client’s requirements change.

Guaranteed Services

The end of tenancy cleaning is the only guaranteed service we deliver. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the procedure, a team of cleaning technicians will be sent back to your property to re clean and you won’t be charged extra for that.


In general the Customer have to pay in cash to the cleaner right away after the cleaning procedure. In case a bank transfer or a credit card payment is agreed between the Client and the Provider, a payment must be received at least one day prior to the scheduled cleaning visit. The Company can cancel the cleaning service if a payment is not received.


No cancellation fees apply if the Client cancels a scheduled visit a day before the appointment.
If we consider the property dangerous and risky to our employees, we reserve the right to refuse performing the cleaning procedure.
In an event of unexpected circumstances and accidents that have happened to the cleaning team assigned to clean your property, a change in the time of the cleaning visit may occur.


Once the cleaning procedure is finished, claims will be taken into account and no refund shiould be expected.

All the services shall be deemed unless the Company receives a written notice within 24 hours after the cleaning visit. We will look up to every case carefully and if the Company considers it to be appropriate, the Customer will be compensated and his demands will be met.

The Customer must not arrange third parties to re – clean before the property is inspected by our authorities.

Your possessions will be taken utmost care of but sometimes accidents happen so we advice our customers to put the valuable items aside and don’t get them cleaned by our operatives. In case of a damage, the Company will replace the broken possessions but there’s no guarantee that they will be absolutely identical to the original ones.

The Company representatives might come back to the property within 24 hours in order to correct the problem and the Customer takes the responsibility of providing access.

As far as the carpet cleaning service is concerned, the Company doesn’t take any responsibility if the Customer places furnitures on a carpet that is not completely dry.

The shrinkage caused by poor fitting is not considered to be Company’s fault.

The Company is not responsible for any existing damages such as stains/ burns/ spillages. All too often even the most powerful detergents and equipment is unable to completely remove them.

The cleaning technicians will do their best to clean your kitchen appliances but if they haven’t been cleaned since the day they were installed, we might not be able to remove all the dirt and stubborn stains.

The freezers must be defrosted prior to the scheduled cleaning visit as the timescales for defrosting might pose a difficulty to the thorough cleaning process.
Neither the Basic nor the Professional Gardening service includes waste collection.

The end of tenancy cleaning service is a guaranteed one provided that the property is absolutely empty. No furnitures or people should be present during the cleaning procedure.


The Client takes the responsibility to provide electricity and running water at the property where the cleaning service is intended to take place. Failure to provide there results in a £60 non-refundable fee.

Providing access to the premises is Customer responsibility as well. If the cleaning team is provided with keys, they should open all locks without any efforts. Failure to provide access is a subject to a £60 non-refundable fee.

Regular domestic cleaning service

The Customer can pay in cash for the cleaning procedure directly to the cleaner. If the Customer inquires a meeting with the cleaner a fee of £10, intended to cover the time and travel expenses applies.

All the cleaning supplies have to be provided by the Client.

All cleaning visits should take place at the same time and the same day of the week.

The regular cleaning procedures are not a subject yo rescheduling. Unfortunately, we don’t have availability to send a cleaning technician to your property at a different than the scheduled time.

If the Customer would like to cancel the service the Company must be contacted at least 24 hours before the scheduled cleaning procedure. Failure to inform the company representatives results in a cancellation fee equivalent to the full charge of the service.

We maintain minimum hours for a regular cleaning service, respectively 2 hours for a weekly procedures and 3 fours for fortnightly service.

The Customer must provide access to the premises at the appointed time. Our customers often provide their maids with spare keys.

Minimum charges apply for some services. Please check them below:

The minimum charge for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is 48 GBP

The minimum for a One Off Cleaning service is three hours at the price of 36 GBR

Gardening – minimum charge is 50 GBP per session

Customers can take advantage of the discounts if the price of the service inquired is higher than the minimum. None of the promotions and discounts apply for hourly based services.

The Company is not responsible for any cancellations or rearrangements caused by unpredictable circumstances and posing a difficulty to the assigned team to get to your property on time.

Once the cleaning procedure is finished no refund or compensation should be expected.

If the agreed bank transfer or card payment is not received a day before the scheduled cleaning procedure, the Company reserved the right to cancel the appointment.

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