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Take a look at the gardening services we offer for the area of Surrey Quays, SE16 for your delight and convenience. As a reputable cleaning company we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations by taking proper care of every small detail in your garden – the bushes and the hedges will get a beautiful shape, the lawn will be mowed and the driveways thoroughly cleaned. Let our exceptionally skilled gardening technicians bring the outstanding condition of your garden back and give you the chance to spend some time with your friends and family and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity they have created.

Gardening Services Prices
Gardening Service £45/h

  1. How frequently should I organize a basic tidy up of my garden?
  2. The basic tidy up of the garden is really important for the general look of your garden. Its proper maintenance is a must if you would like to have it properly trimmed and well organized, so it has to be done at least once per month. Yet, it really depends on the different kinds of plants that you have there and how quickly they grow. If they need special care and attention, you may organize it on a fortnightly bases.
  3. What does the basic gardening service involve?
  4. The basic gardening means a general tidy up of your garden. A professional gardener will attend and trim the hedges, prune the trees, collect the leaves, moan the lawn, clean the flowerbeds and collect the leaves. The whole garden will be clean and tidy and put in order. According to the garden's size and condition this can be done once a month or on a regular bases, for example every week.

SE16, Surrey Quays Lawn Mowing

Our gardening company located in Surrey Quays, SE16, London offers great variety of services, but the one we are really fond of is the hedge trimming. For us this service is not really a simple gardening activity, but more art. Taking into consideration our customers’ requests and needs, our gardeners are turning ugly and unpleasantly looking into individual pieces of art fitting perfectly into your garden. And because each garden is different and needs different care, our professionals are flexible to here customers’ requirements!

We are almost every time available and we work on reasonable prices!

Hedge Trimming Surrey Quays, SE16


Our company provides professional gardening maintenance services in Surrey Quays, SE16 and other areas of London. We provide services to individuals and business clients. Depending on your needs and desires our gardeners will help you define the work that needs to be done and when to take place at your convenience. In general the services that are provided by our company are lawn mowing, hedge trimming and tree pruning. All of these services are done by a professional gardener. You can enjoy your garden without the need to mud your hands. Contact us now and receive quality service carried out by the professionals.