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Is your garden losing its shine and beauty because you have no time to maintain it? It is a pity you have such a huge outdoor space that you cannot enjoy to the fullest. Our gardening services may be able to help. Here at our company we can take care of your garden so well that your neighbours will be asking you how you did all that!

We are ready to make your garden the place of your dreams. We provide the ideas, you choose the design and contents of the garden.

We are based in Wood Lane, W12. Make an appointment today.

Gardening Services Prices
Gardening Service £45/h

  1. How frequently should I organize a basic tidy up of my garden?
  2. The basic tidy up of the garden is really important for the general look of your garden. Its proper maintenance is a must if you would like to have it properly trimmed and well organized, so it has to be done at least once per month. Yet, it really depends on the different kinds of plants that you have there and how quickly they grow. If they need special care and attention, you may organize it on a fortnightly bases.
  3. What does the basic gardening service involve?
  4. The basic gardening means a general tidy up of your garden. A professional gardener will attend and trim the hedges, prune the trees, collect the leaves, moan the lawn, clean the flowerbeds and collect the leaves. The whole garden will be clean and tidy and put in order. According to the garden's size and condition this can be done once a month or on a regular bases, for example every week.

W12, Wood Lane Lawn Mowing

Looking for a reputable and trustworthy gardening service in Wood Lane, W12? You are in the exact spot for that. Our company has been a leader in the field in London for a long time so we know the best methods of treating any garden, using reliable and well-tried methods and tools. Our team consists of young, perfectly trained and capable workers who stop at nothing until they meet your highest demands and requests. Any of our superb-quality services such as hedge trimming, lawn mowing and tree pruning are extremely useful and efficient, leaving your garden in ideal harmony with nature.

Hedge Trimming Wood Lane, W12


Hedges in your garden in Wood Lane, W12, London not only make your garden beautiful, but also can have their special role – to protect the garden from wind or just to give you a bit of privacy from curious looks. And as an important part of your garden the hedges need to be watched and to keep their order through regular trimming.

The best care you can receive will come from our professional gardeners. Perfectly equipped, skilful and experienced they cal trim the hedges fast and in wonderful shapes!